Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dragon Boat Festival 2012

Today we went to the Dragon Boat Festival - not exactly how I had in mind it working, but it was pretty cool. We saw teams from all over the world - USA, Singapore, Great Britain and Australia to just name a few. They stroked for over 800 meters or 874 yards. It was pretty cool to watch and something I have always wanted to see be done since I knew we were moving here. Here are a few pics from our adventure! Note: Only one pic of Ansley since Lenny spent most of his time, along with Hannah, trying to find us some lunch - of which was made up of chips, cookies and pistachio nuts topped off with a Coke Light as he couldn't find ANYTHING!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

First Days in Singapore 2012

We have been in Singapore for almost a week and enjoying every moment!!! We landed June 23, 2012, lost 12 hours somewhere, kept the kids up till 7 PM and then we all crashed.
We are staying at the Park Avenue Hotel. Here's a pic of the inside of our two bedroom, two bath corporate apartment:
We spent Sunday being tourists. We saw a huge farris wheel on our way into Singapore and the girls were dying to go on it - so we went - on the Singapore Flyer! It's located down on the water front and really a site to see!! It's the world's tallest farris wheel - the girls loved it!
After the Flyer, we spent the day riding hop-on hop-off buses to just tour the city in air conditioning!! We are only 80 miles or so from the equator so it's really hot here year winter anymore for the Levy family!!! The girls couldn't love this more as they really dislike winter jackets!
On Tuesday, June 26th we went and saw where Hannah and Ansley will be going to school. They will be attending the Manasseh Meyer Jewish Day School:
This is the first synagogue we came across and it happens to be right across from the girls school on Oxley Rise - although the school will be moving in December over the holiday break.
We have also been apartment hunting for 4 days to find the Levy's a new home for our two year stint here - and we found one!!! We will be living at the Alexis Condos on Alexandra Road. Drop me an email if you are in need of our new address!!
That bring us up to Friday - we spent our morning taking a look at our options to outfit our apartment - it comes with beds/furniture but we have to outfit the we spent the morning at IKEA!! We live in a small space and it SURE is going to come in handy!! Once the apartment is all furnished and we are settled I will upload more pics. Tomorrow - Dragon Boat Racing - I am giddy excited about it!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Loveable Levys Moving to Singapore

Well, the time is here - we are headed to Singapore. We have been looking forward to this for a long time - in fact so long that Ansley has now gotten past the fact that she WILL NOT be getting bunk beds. Both girls are giddy with excitement and we are so ready for our small adventure. I will TRY and update this blog weekly, but sometimes life gets ahead of these fun things. I hope we can keep in touch with all our family and friends via our blog to see what we are up to - half way around the world!

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