Sunday, March 30, 2014

A WHOLE Hand - Ansley turns 5!

Where has the time gone that our BABY turned 5?! Wasn't it just yesterday that we were bringing her home?! Well - you got it - she is 5!! She is a whole hand!! She had all her friends from school over to a joint birthday party at a gym she takes gymnastics at called JWT Gym. Our joint party was with her friend, Joshua Pozniak, who is from Sydney, Australia. After all, there are 2 classes of K1 (which includes 24 kids) and 24 individual parties is a LOT to attend - so since parties are EXPENSIVE here in Singapore, we joined forces with Natalie and Guy, Joshua's parents and then it was one less party everyone needed to attend!
Ansley and her whole hand:

Ansley and her buddy Josh:

Everyone having a grand time! Here are some pictures throughout the party!!

Here are the kids with their WONDERFULLY patient instructor - Mon.

More pictures of Ansley and all her buddies:

Ansley and her besties here in Singapore (Mia Ambarchi and Alexis Green)

Cake time:

Her cake by Yonit Mills who does FABULOUS cakes that are Parve:

Me and my BIG 5 year old ANSLEY!:

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sanford Florida meets Singapore!

Our final visitors while we are here in Singapore was Lenny's cousin and his wife, Matthew and Katie. Our girls were flower girls in their wedding 2 years ago and they were bound and determined to come visit us while we were here - and their turn FINALLY came! They came just before Chinese New Year and stayed for 2 weeks in total in Asia - took a few trips in between to experience Cambodia and Vietnam.
Their Arrival - so I screwed up and thought they landed at 1:30 AM on Sunday...but nope! It was 1:30 AM on MONDAY! So since I don't "work" I headed to pick them up after their 24 hour + flight. Here is the obligatory photo:

They came just before Chinese New Year to TRUELY have the cultural experience:

We also took them to the River Safari that had just reopened at the zoo. The ride was lame but the sights at there were really cool.

From the looks of it - a good time was had by ALL at the River Safari:

Our next stop on the sights of Singapore was to celebrate our anniversaries as we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2014 and Matthew and Katie celebrated their 2nd. So I have always wanted to go to the chocolate bar at the Marina Bay Sands and now was my opportunity to CASH IN. Katie didn't mind either!

A daytime pic of the Marina Bay Sands:

We took them to the Gardens by the Bay to the Tree Top Walk.

We even made it to the old Ford Factory - The factory is the site of the historic surrender of the British to the Japanese on 15 February 1942, at the end of the Battle of Singapore in World War.

Lenny took them to the Chinese Gardens (I had kid pickup duty) and then we ended our day at the Changi Parade which is the finale of Chinese New Year:

We had a GREAT time with Katie and Matthew and even gave them a little glimpse of what parenthood will be like with our girls! Thanks for coming to visit us in SINGAPORE!!

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