Thursday, August 22, 2013

Modeling for Young Parents Magazine

Over the summer I received an email from a friend (who has a daughter that models) asking for kids between the ages of 4 to 6 for a modeling shoot for a magazine called Young Parents. You just needed to send in a picture to Judy (from the magazine) and that was all. So.I.Did....never to hear anything. Not even a thank you for your submission general email to which no one mans the reply box. I never said anything to anyone until a little over a week ago! I received an email from Judy requesting ANSLEY for a modeling shoot. I agreed - and to day we went! Ansley had such a great time with it. She was dressed up as Cinderella as well as Goldilocks. I think Ansley had such a great time. They did her hair, makeup and changed her clothes and all she had to do was ham it up for the camera.

Here is the picture I sent in of the girls:

Here is two pictures I took with my iPhone: Cinderella:
Ansley wasn't exactly thrilled at first but once they told her to ham it up for the camera - well we were ALL IN!!

The final pictures will be in the October issue of Young Parents - so stay tuned....I will scan and post the FINAL picture here!!

And here we have it - the two final pictures that were in the October issue of Young Parents:

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Monday, August 19, 2013

School 2013-2014

Well, school just began for the girls August 12, 2013. Hannah is in Grade 2 and Ansley is in K1 otherwise known as Pre-K. This is her last year of preschool and my has time flown by! Here they are on their first day of school this year!
Bags all ready the night before:

Girls on August 12, 2013

Good luck girls in K1 (pre-K) and Grade 2 - do your best!!

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So it has been a year since we have been stateside and I think to sum it up we were excited to head back and see everyone! We had a fabulous 6 weeks stateside (Lenny was only there three)and saw everyone we could as well as shopped as MUCH as we could. You really take for granted how CHEAP everything is until you don't have it anymore. We had made a list of what we wanted to purchase and I think we accomplished it and then SOME! Our itinerary was as follows:
Beginning of June - Fly from Singapore to Seoul, Korea to Atlanta, Georgia USA
Middle of June - Fly from Atlanta, GA to St. Louis, MO for Ashley Semore Laurentius's wedding (girls were flower girls)
- Fly from St. Louis, MO via Atlanta, GA to Fort Lauderdale, FL - visit with Lenny's parents and grandparents
End of June - Drive from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Port St. Lucie, FL - visit with Heidi's parents and grandmother
- Lenny fly back to Singapore (West Palm Beach to Atlanta to Seoul to Singapore)....a LONG FEW DAYS!
Mid July - Heidi and girls fly back to Singapore ALONE (West Palm Beach to Atlanta to Seoul to Singapore)....a REALLY LONG FEW DAYS!

Alas, we are all back home and things are back in full swing! Here are some snip-its from our trip! A HUGE shout out to Kristin for taking my ENTIRE family in for 5 days....a girl can't ask just ANYONE that favor....always good to have LIFE LONG FRIENDS!

A little stop over in Seoul, Korea:

A little visit with some GREAT friends - these are some of my parents best friends who haven't been in the best of health. I was so glad to catch up with them!

Great time at Ashley and Jonathan's couldn't have been more perfect!

A little CHEAP Mexican never hurt anyone - or a trip to Barbie Dream House!

Barbie Dream House!

A little Levy family photo!

A little Schwartz family time!

And don't forget the cousins!
We had a great time stateside and look forward to our next trip....whenever that will be!!! :)

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bali, Indonesia May 2013

We are still alive here in Singapore!!! My computer crashed so I haven't updated our blog in a LONG time!! But thanks to Pop Pop and Grammi - we are back in business as they gave us their computer!!! SO.....way back when - IN MAY - we went on a family vacation to Bali, Indonesia. It was a gorgeous trip with lots of memories made!!

Here is our trip in pictures as we saw so MUCH and it was SO LONG AGO.....
Cheers -

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