Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Jervois Road Style

So we celebrated our first Halloween here in Singapore - not as weird/different as one would have thought! We started our evening having a "Schwartz Special" - grill cheese.

Growing up we ALWAYS had grill cheese every Halloween - and EVERY year we had the little bitty kids come to the door and ring it while we were eating cause they trick or treat early to get to bed early. Our kids have always done the grill cheese tradition and hopefully so will their kids! Anywho - we ate dinner and then went over to our friend Squash's house (AKA Mia) to trick or treat. There were a boat load of kids heading to trick or treat and you know we ALL live in high rises in instead of the porch lights being on, you were to knock on the doors that had a balloon attached to it. Kind of weird, but totally worked. Here are our girls this year:
Hannah the cookie delivery girl (who totally along with her daddy made her costume and SO proud of it) and Ansley as Snow White:

So we did two complete buildings within the complex and headed home with our stash. If you think walking the hills in the ATL is bad, try the stairs in a high rise!! The girls cashed in and were excited about all the candy - nothing to really write home about. Here is some of the weirder things we received - and YES, people really do hand out candy canes!

All and all the girls had a great Halloween and didn't really feel like there were "missing" anything - after all, they did go trick or treating!

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