Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ansley's Going Away Party

Since we just had Ansley's fifth birthday we had a small going away party for her and her CLOSE friends at Build A Bear. If you know Ansley well, you KNOW she LOVES any type of fuzzy.stuffed.animal, so Build A Bear is RIGHT up her ally. She had a FANTASTIC time with her 4 best buddies here - Alexis Green, Mia Ambarchi (and sister Tara), Maya Cohen and Milan (Mili) Reiter. I couldn't have asked for Ansley to have better buddies than these girls - they are truly good kids!!

Our 1st friend we ever met when we moved to Singapore - and boy is she a keeper!!

Filling up the bears with thoughts and lots of LOVE!

The girls from L to R: Mili, Alexis, Ansley, Mia and Maya

The finished bear clan:

Ansley had a fantastic time and will TRULY miss these girls!!!

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Bridezilla said...

Hi, we are moving to Singapore and considering MM School for our daughter who is around the age of your younger girl. I googled looking for parent comments or reviews and happened on your blog. I'm hoping to speak to a parent for a recommendation about the school. Can you help? If so, I guess we can figure out contact info somehow? I've never replied to a blog post before! :-) I'm on gmail with the name nomenclature (putting it that way so I don't get spammed). I can tell you more about our move and maybe you can tell me about your experiences at MM and whether your daughters liked it there. THANK YOU!