Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chinese New Year (Snake) with Grammi and Pop Pop

So, the Schwartz's made the maiden voyage from Florida all the way to Singapore - not without obstacles though! They landed the morning of January 22nd and the girls had no clue that they were coming! We surprised them at school at pick up time and they weren't sure WHAT they were doing here! Needless to say, the girls were VERY surprised! We started our week with my DOD (dear ol dad as I like to refer to him as) getting the flu - I really thought that he was going down for the count for this vacation! After a trip to Dr. Rashid at Camden Medical Clinic he was up and running with Theraflu in a few days! We FINALLY were able to take the Duck Tour here in Singapore as well as going on the Singapore Flyer, which the girls couldn't wait to go on again! Here are a few pics of their few weeks here with us!!

Mom and DOD's Arrival in Singapore:

On our Duck Tour around Singapore:
A few of the major sights on our tour: Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Casino, Merlion Park and Singapore Flyer
After our tour, we headed down to Arab Street to have a look. It's a quaint place with lots of little local shops selling all kinds of things from carpet to candy! Our final stop was a gorgeous Mosque (aren't allowed in) and everything went downhill from there - literally!
While the parents were here we also took a bus trip to Malacca, Malaysia. If you come half way around the world you need to see as much as you can and Malaysia is just a hop, skip and jump away! It was a RAINY 2 days but we made the best of it - MOST of us did at least! (DOD - you are a TROOPER!) Here are a few pics from our VERY short trip:

We rounded out our trip to the Night Safari as well as a little shopping in China Town. Oh, and you can't forget the final trip to the Alexandra ER (total cost was less than $100 USD) as DOD got Conjunctivitis!! Finally, alas time to bring my parents back to the glass windows that separate you from everyone traveling and customs!

Happy Chinese New Year - the year of the Snake!!

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