Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hannah and her Teeth

The tooth fairy FINALLY visited the Levy household in December. Hannah had this tooth that I really thought was going to come out in Vietnam, but Hannah didn't want it pulled. So we waited, waited and when it was FINALLY dangling by a thread and Lenny had already tried pulling it - I pulled it out (after bribing of course!). She let loose - LAUGHING! The tooth fairy visited and brought $10 (first tooth rate), Kinder Joy (candy with a toy I REFUSE to buy) as well as a large Hershey about racking in!

The second tooth finally came out in February after my parents had left - same situation as the first but she didn't want her father trying this time (although his pulling on the first one definitely helped me pull it out easier!). The tooth fairy visited AGAIN but brought only $2 as well as Kinder Joy (again, she was giddy as I don't buy it).

The two top are FINALLY loose but heck, we maybe in the states before she looses those this summer!

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