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Amy and Sam visit Singapore November 2013

So back in August my sister, Amy, bought tickets for her and our nephew Sammy to come visit us over Thanksgiving break. Hannah had a count down going to when they were going to get here and that day couldn't come soon enough! But first we had to get ready - and the ONLY way to do this was to set out our special toilet paper just for my sister! Her FAVORITE - Hello Kitty:

I put the girls to bed and it took them a LONG time to fall asleep as their aunt and cousin were arriving in the weeee hours of the morning. Their 24 adventure across the BIG POND had finally ended! For a kid that does NOT like to fly - he did AMAZING said Amy! So proud of you Sam-a-lamb-a-lambchop!

Once they were finally here we made our way off to see as much of Singapore as we could. Our first stop was to eat lunch with Lenny as well as to see Chinatown. Before our bus ride though, we first needed to stop to get Sammy a bus pass holder as we would be doing a lot of bus riding!

Off on the bus we went!

We didn't do too much the first day as traveling half way around the world is exhausting. On Saturday, we headed to Little India as well as Arab Street.

First - we stopped to get some Henna done! Here are a few pics:

We finally went onto the Temples in Little India. Our first stop - Sri Srinivasa Perumal:

Our next stop was the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple:

Our Sunday was spent riding bikes and hiking in Paulu Ubin. It was what Singapore was 60+ years ago - it was HOT, HUMID and GORGEOUS!

One of the highlights for me of their trip was the River Cruise down into the bay - up close and personal. It's the best way to "showcase" all those things that people remember Singapore for:

We then spent the next few days doing a myrid of things - our BIG day was out on Sentosa doing iFly, the Zip-line, and the Luge. We did our fair share of shopping and our final stop - the Foot Reflexology & Fish Spa.

And your FINAL stop in Singapore couldn't be anything the ONE thing you love most - PAUL FRANK!

Our final day was a trip to the fish spa - and Amy just LOVED it! Here's her take on it via video:

Just click on this link:

We enjoyed having y'all here and look forward to your NEXT visit!!!

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