Sunday, January 12, 2014

Legoland 2013 with the Mallach Family

Legoland opened in October 2013 and we had some friends who had asked us to go. So, Ansley and I went for the day. It's kind of like going to the next town over as the ride is really short - we just jumped in their car and headed to Malaysia. The boarder crossing was easy as pie...complete with 4 passports for South Africa (where our friends the Mallach's just returned to) and 2 passports for the USA. In a matter of 45 minutes we were there. Ansley's buddy, Liam (who she tells me she is going to marry), his big brother Jaime and his fabulous parents, Beverly and Matt - off we went.

Ansley's "tentative" husband Liam is on the right of her below when looking at the picture:

Ansley and I had such a GREAT day - thank you again Mallach family for the invite - we hope to visit South Africa soon!!

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