Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hawker Centers

Things here in Singapore are VERY expensive compared to the states - my tiny, little bottle of Parmesan cheese is $7 SGD, which would be equivalent to $5.60 USD
While most "American" items are expensive, the local offerings are REALLY cheap! Score!!! So we have been eating at what the locals call Hawker Centers - basically a big food court with every type of food imaginable - Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Singaporean, etc. Our entire family can eat at one of these for less than $10 which would include a meat (chicken or beef), rice or noodles as well as veggies. They tend to look like this:
This Hawker Center is right down the street from the PWC building:
But when you goto the Hawker Centers, you have to be ready for this as well:
Needless to say, our lunch today did NOT come from here!! Happy Eating!

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