Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taxi Drama

Well, today we had our first hick up in Singapore. I picked up the girls from camp and Hannah had been invited for a playdate with the Rabbis daugher, Hannah Leah. I got Ansley and we decided to take a taxi back to UE Square (area of town that our corporate apartment is in) as well as Ansley is NOT AT ALL fond of all the walking - my lazy child. Anywho - we hailed a taxi to find out he hasn't a CLUE where UE Square was and was asking ME for directions.....I know how to get myself around for the most part, but not in a TAXI - that is what I PAY THEM FOR!!! So needless to say, I could have walked home with Ansley shorter than it took us to hail ANOTHER cab to get home as I now REALLY HAD NO CLUE where we were!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear! He probably did know where it was you just didn't say it with the right accent or inflection. :) I often have to say "opposite Ikea (eekeeuh) and that gets me home. For future reference, postal codes are the key here. Each building, each block even, has their own postal code (zip code). If, IF they have a GPS they can look up your postal code and take you right to your door.