Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Rice Cooker and Sticky Rice

Since moving to Singapore, we have bought many a things - bed linens, towels, pots & pans, ironing board and iron as well as THE RICE COOKER! Lenny has wanted a rice cooker for a while and I really wanted to get a crock pot - so we compromised and got an all in one rice cooker/crock pot. I get teased A LOT by many of my family members of my inability to cook. Let's get one thing straight - I don't claim to cook well nor do I LIKE to cook! So, this new little invention just cleared my way to "cooking." Here is said rice cooker/crock pot making last weeks bbq chicken:
It actually came out REALLY good. I was quite surprised as well of how good it really was! The girls really don't like "sauce" on anything, so their opinion didn't really count....Lenny liked it and it passed muster to make again! :) Well, tonight I ventured out and made sticky rice. Wasn't sure how long to cook it or how it was going to turn out....but again, I surprised myself and it was really STICKY RICE!!! Both girls as well as Lenny gobbled it up...I only have a small container of rice left, maybe one portion of the 3 cups I made!!! Oh, and I didn't even eat ANY of it!
And here is my master piece of sticky rice! Stick that to ALL of you who give me crap about cooking!!

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