Sunday, July 29, 2012

A little of this and a little of that!

Well, we have now been in Singapore for over 1 month and still enjoying our time here. After a LOT of searching, we FINALLY found swimming lessons for Ansley - it's not that I wasn't able to find them as we are less than 80 miles from the equator, but just that they were SO EXPENSIVE!! They wanted $200 SGD/month for 4 private lessons that were 45 minutes each. $50/lesson, I think I will pass! So I FINALLY found group lessons with a maximum of 6 kids for $80/month for 4 lessons that were 45 minutes each - MUCH MORE REASONABLE!!! Sign ANSLEY UP!! Here we are at our first lesson ready to roll - Ansley was REALLY excited about it:
Here Ansley is doing her lesson with her instructor, Mr. Jeffrey:
I also took a local cooking class with some friends that I have made here. Andrea has been a wonderful to me (and our family - remember, she invited us over for July 4th with only meeting me "over the phone"?) We made a few traditional Malay/Singaporean dishes that were WONDERFUL!! I am a pretty picky eater but it was DEFINITELY worth every penny!! Chef Kay was great, explained every little detail and even showed traditional ways of doing things - like how to devain a shrimp without cutting it open (Singaporeans eat EVERY part of the shrimp, EVEN the SHELL!) Chef Kay:
Our final products:
Finally we made our way to a wet market. A wet market is usually fruit, veggies, fish, eggs - anything you can get that is FRESH. So, please meet the newest and deadest members of our family - our dinner, Rapunzel and Penny:
Purchased from him at the wet market today:
And for our final excitement - My parents are coming in JANUARY!!! I am so excited that they are BOTH coming as I wasn't sure if my DOD (Dear Old Dad) really would - but they BOTH are!! My dad is NOT the world traveler that my mom would LOVE to be!! However, I just KNEW he wouldn't be able to not see his grandchildren for a year, even if he does see them daily on FaceTime!!

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